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Dynamic Comfort Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

a roll of insulating glass wool on an attic floor

Welcome to Dynamic Comfort Insulation, easily the best and most proficient team of insulation professionals working in and around Waco, Texas. If you’re from around here you don’t need us to tell you how much it costs to heat and cool homes in this neck of the woods so save yourself a ton of money while keeping your cool with our expert insulation installations.

About Us

Dynamic Comfort Insulation are the professionals you are looking for when it comes to insulation installation in and around Waco, Texas. That’s because we have the knowledge of all the most cost efficient insulation materials for the properties in this area, the experience of the best ways of applying them into even the smallest cracks and crevices, and the approachability and affordability to make sure that you are as happy with our work and our workers as you are with your reduced utility bills

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    Our Services

    ​We install insulation - all types of insulation. We understand the issues of thermodynamics and can take into account convection, conduction and radiation when it comes to ensuring that a property neither absorbs the heat of the sun, nor lets its winter heating escape into thin air. We know that most of the properties across the Waco area are burning dollars to keep their living and working spaces cool enough to be in and we know just how to bring those bills down. We are experts in insulation to keep warmth and sound in as well which means we can ensure that living and working spaces are fit for purpose no matter what the neighboring spaces might be. All of which also means we are doing our bit to take care of the environment by slashing fuel bills and reducing the power needed to ensure cooling and heating. So whatever you need insulation for we are the people to provide it, and provide it at a price you will appreciate.

    close up view of technician dressed in a protective white uniform spraying foam insulation using plural component spray gun. spraying polyurethane foam for roof and energy saving

    Spray Foam

    Spray foam is the miracle insulation product that actually lives up to its billing - or at least it does if it’s mixed and applied by our expert insulation installation technicians. A mix of isocyanate and polyol resin the foam is sprayed into even the smallest of gaps using a pressure nozzle and once exposed to the air it starts to expand by anywhere between thirty to sixty times its previous volume. Different mixes will have different properties and so we choose between the type of gas cell enclosed in the foam depending on the precise location and the thermodynamics of the spot. Talk to us today about how spray foam may be the perfect answer for your insulation requirements, or can be a huge upgrade to an existing insulation installation without requiring major structural dismantling to apply.

    worker sraying mineral rock wool of thermal insulation layer under the roof house attic insulation

    Blown in Insulation

    As amazing as spray foam is it still has a rival in the form of blown in insulation. Whether fiberglass, cellulose (paper, wood, or corn cob particles treated with fire retardant) or even the nuclear option of rockwool for serious fireproofing we can help you choose this cost effective and fantastically efficient material which we blow into the smallest of cavities with minimal damage that is easily plugged and hidden.

    insulation of the house with polyfoam. the worker is checking with the construction level the accuracy of the installation of polystyrene board on the facade.

    Foam Board

    Foam board is really quick and simple to install, particularly for flat surfaces which makes it great for walls and crawl spaces. We understand foam board so if you think that it’s all expanded polystyrene we have news for you. As well as EPS we also offer extruded polystyrene (XPS) which is tougher and comes in a wide range of profiles. In addition to which we can install closed cell polyisocyanurate and polyurethane foam boards with their greatly increased insulating and sound insulation abilities. Talk to us about our aluminum foil backed foam for even greater strength and insulating qualities.

    We bought an old house and were warned by the realtor that the insulation could do with looking at. We called Dynamic Comfort Insulation and they simply transformed the place - and our A/C bill too. - Terence T.

    worker installing white rigid polyurethane foam sheet on building wall facade for energy saving. diy, house improvement and insulation concept.

    We had heard of radiant barriers and weren’t sure what they could do but figured anything that tamed the Texas sun was a good thing. Dynamic Comfort Insulation explained it, installed it, and our converted attic is now the coolest room in the house.” - Jason L.

    synthetic mineral fibers wall insulation job. construction worker insulating house walls with thermal material.

    Dynamic Comfort Insulation did a great job of clearing out the amateur insulation from our attic, including all that horrible itchy fiberglass, and replacing it with a mix of board and blown in cellulose that transformed the place. Really happy with the results.” - Kelly D.

    man installing thermal roof insulation layer - using mineral wool panels. attic renovation and insulation concept

    Fiberglass Batt

    You see this every time you walk into a hardware store and there’s a reason for that; fiberglass rolls are adaptable, easy to install, and give a lot of insulation for your dollar. At least they do in the hands of our professionals because we understand the need for custom cuts and very careful edge work to avoid even the slightest gap for heat, cold, or moisture to penetrate. Talk to us about managing your budget by combining fiberglass batt with other types of insulation that we offer.

    house attic insulation - construction worker installing glass wool

    Radiant Barrier

    Although most of the heat and cold insulation in the home works on absorbing and thereby preventing heat exchange by convection or conduction there is one glaring heat source here in Texas that really deserves a radiant barrier to manage. The blazing Texas sun is best dealt with not by absorbing its radiated heat but by deflecting it with our barrier layers of radiant insulation that work invisibly beneath your shingles to keep the roof and attic cool even in the height of summer.

    man installing thermal roof insulation layer - using mineral wool panels. attic renovation and insulation concept

    Insulation Removal

    Insulation that wasn’t installed by professionals, insulation that has been damaged by rodents, fire, or flood - it all needs removing if we’re going to get off to a clean start for the future. Not a problem. Our skilled professionals can suck out all that old material and start again without leaving a mess for you to clear up.

    back view of one foreman in overalls working with rockwool insulation material, fasten warmth layer on ceiling and wall, standing inside new house under construction

    Contact Us Today

    If you live in or near Waco then you need insulation. Insulation to keep the heat of the sun at bay, insulation to keep your heating in, and above all insulation because nobody wants to pay for the kind of utility bills you get if you don’t have effective insulation. Call us now and we will match your needs and budget to our extensive range of insulation solutions.