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Fiberglass Batt

man installing thermal roof insulation layer - using mineral wool panels. attic renovation and insulation concept

Everyone knows fiberglass batt, whether as the thick rolls of fluffy insulation material or in its sheet form it is one of the commonest insulation materials on the market and its popularity is well founded. Fiberglass batt arguably offers the best value for your dollar when it comes to R value per square foot and that means it’s the commonest first choice for everywhere from drywalls to attics and the insulation cladding of hot water tanks.



Fiberglass batt is also a cost effective way of helping to soundproof a space as a way to dampen the noise coming from neighbors or from neighboring rooms. It’s also a way of soundproofing those rooms that are likely to produce the noise such as dens, playrooms, or music rooms.


Snug Fits

When using pre-cut fiberglass batt the key to maximal insulation is ensuring that it is trimmed and fitted as perfectly as humanly possible to but up against edges, battens, and studs. Our experienced professional installers ensure that money spent on fiberglass roll isn’t wasted by cutting it to the perfect size and shape in order to fit it exactly and leave no air gaps at all to reduce its effectiveness. Don’t think that fiberglass batt can only be used to insulate in straight lines - with our custom cuts and skills we can install fiberglass batt wherever it may be needed.


Combination Insulation

We have insulated enough different types of property to know that the solution to a problem is rarely a black and white binary choice between one type of insulation and another. So we save our customers money, speed up installation, and get the best possible R factor for those dollars by combining different insulation types depending on the situation. So for example we might opt for fiberglass batt for its cost efficiency over large spaces and still top it up with blow in fiberglass or cellulose as a way of maximising the thermal isolation of any given space.


Settling and Topping Up

One of the myths about fiberglass is that its effectiveness declines over time. A lot of that is due to amateur installations that weren’t properly done. One of the problems fiberglass has is that because it is cheap and easily available from stores a lot of people have tried to install their own insulation. That has led to a reputation as a health risk and one that declines in efficiency over time. The first part of that is easy to deal with. Yes fiberglass can be an irritant (though that’s all) but we wear protective clothing to ensure the safety of our workers, and have a variety of ways of sealing the insulating batt to ensure the safety of your home. Then there’s the issue of settling. Settling is something that has to be taken into account but our professional installers install with an eye to avoiding the problems of settling insulation so that our fiberglass work continues to do its work way into the future. If you have existing insulation that isn’t performing as it should, however, don’t forget that we can also use our variety of spray on or blow in techniques to top up existing insulation at a fraction of the price of a full new installation.

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